Sydney Map Jam


The Sharing Map aims to drive action in the collaborative economy by bringing community organisations and residents together to map the shared resources in the City of Sydney.

We will be joining the Sharing Cities network of over 90 cities around the world who have created a similar map. After the map has been created we will help to disseminate the information throughout the community with a series of workshops designed to help participants connect to their community and live more sustainably.

Join the Sydney Map Jam

Join us on the 1st of March to be part of the creation of Sydney’s first Sharing Map. At this event we will be mapping community organisations located across the City of Sydney as well as exploring ways in which we can collaborate with each other. It will be a fun night of meeting people who are motivated to create a better world and creating a map that will allow us to share the great work that we do.

What’s a Map Jam?

A Map Jam is an event where community organizations and individuals gather to map their sharing resources. These resources include everything from community kitchens to tool-libraries and car share programs. At the Map Jam we will create an interactive map to help people locate these sharing resources and engage with each other as they learn about sharing resources that will help them connect with their neighbors, and save time and money. If you are interested in being involved please register your interest by filling out the form.