About us

Who we are

Share Sydney is a collective focused on encouraging community development through sharing. Our purpose is to reveal and facilitate access to Sydney’s shared resources to strengthen collaborative and healthy communities in Sydney, and build the Sharing Economy.

Today smart technologies have made it possible for people to share their space, skills and property effectively and reliably with their peers.

These shared capabilities can include everything from community kitchens to tool-libraries and car share programs.

Our aim is to create an interactive map of the shared community resources in the City of Sydney to help people locate these sharing initiatives and engage with collaborative economy in order to save time and money, while connecting with others in the community.

Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall has a love for stories, technology and social good. An award-winning creative and experienced speaker and facilitator, she has presented at conferences such as Ouishare (Paris), Re:publica (Berlin) and Disrupt (Sydney). With a focus on helping people think creatively about disruptive technologies, she has co-developed (with Dr Ele Jansen) a facilitated co-design card game that has been played with organisations worldwide including Google, and run experimental workshops for organisations such as UTS (the University of Technology Sydney) on topics like Blockchain and Virtual Reality. She is a passionate advocate for the sharing economy and sits on the board of Mercury Co-operative, as well as on the advisory team for The Studio a media technology incubator.

Melinda Millen

Melinda Millen has a vision for the future where people actively participate in democracy and a new economy that respects the ecological limits of our planet. Melinda collaborates with members of the New Economy Network Australia on how to substantially reduce and redistribute the use of resources and energy, promote thriftiness, reduce social inequity and develop collaborative & cooperative communities. She has researched and presented the complex moral argument for universities to withdraw financial investment from the fossil fuel industry. Her research with the International Energy Agency (Bioenergy), contributing to a Masters of Environmental Management, focused on stakeholder’s values and attitudes about environmental concerns. Melinda has also completed a Certificate IV in Carbon Management with experience as a consultant as well as a communications officer with the Carbon Disclosure Project. With a background in marketing, Melinda focuses on how we communicate the great transition to a life-sustaining society. She is an Associate Member of The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand and is a facilitator, trainer and organiser with the Sutherland Climate Action Network, GetUp and The Wilderness Society.

Inka Santala

Inka Santala is an urban geographer, with a keen interest to enhance the sustainability and social equality of our urban living environments. Having been living and working in three different continents, she is fascinated by the cultural differences and determined to find some answers to the wicked challenges cities are facing over the globe. With a history of working in the fields of academia, public administration and private consulting, she has experience in participatory research, strategic planning and community engagement. At the moment, Inka is doing her PhD research in the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities at the University of Wollongong. In her PhD project, Inka is focusing on Sharing Cities, exploring the nature and capacities of communal sharing in the City of Sydney. She seeks to understand commons-based peer production and is keen to look for new social innovations that might rise from the self-organised urban communities. Inka will be participating the Map Jam and community workshops as an observing researcher and will be happy to tell you more about her research project!

Annette Loudon

Annette Loudon has a background in web technology and passion for social justice and sustainability. Community currency is her main focus – running Sydney LETS (Sydney’s local currency) and looking after CES Australia, the online trading platform used by Australian community trading groups. Annette is currently working with Sydney Community Forum to explore the potential of SydneyLETS to bootstrap community resilience projects. Having run Collaborative Economy workshops at Randwick Sustainability Hub for many years, Annette has been maintaining a great big list of Sydney sharing projects. She has always dreamed of listing them all on a website somewhere, but when does a web developer ever have time to make her own website? So being invited to create the Sharing Map website is literally a dream come true.